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2006 Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference
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Check Back Soon for 2006 Conference Information.  September 29-30th, Kearney, NE

Confirmed Presenters: Dr. Dick Diven, Dr. Allen Williams,
Dr. Tilak Dhiman                        

If you are interested in bringing cattle for a Display Pen, contact us now. Pen space is filled on a first come, first served basis.

2005 Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference Information
September 16th and 17th
Kearney, NE
Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Ag Pavilion


2005 Conference Schedule (click link)

Lodging Information (click link)

Attention: If you are in the grassfed beef production business or if you are considering adding grassfed beef production to your farm or ranch enterprise, this is a 'can't miss' opportunity to set your farm business on the path to success.

This first-of-its-kind grassfed beef conference will feature live cattle displays of grass-friendly breeds and crosses coupled with a distinguished speaker lineup that will draw prospective and established graziers from throughout the continent.

As an added bonus, Allen Williams of The Jacob Alliance will be on hand as a speaker and also to evaluate display cattle for marbling and tenderness using his state of the art ultrasound technology.

If you are interested in learning more about the essentials of grassfed beef production, you will profit greatly from our speakers' insight and expertise, as well as the 'hands on' learning opportunity provided by our unique Display Pen Area. If you are already producing grassfed beef from your own cowherd, this is a great opportunity to display those genetics. If you have quality animals for sale, feel free to bring those for your display pen, because getting quality grass-friendly genetics into the hands of those producing grassfed beef is a crucial objective of this event.

(Display pen space is limited. If you want your cattle Showcased in September with those of other breeders of grassfed beef genetics, review the registration forms ( available on this site. Remember, your Display Pen registration includes one full Conference registration!) Display Pen reservations must be postmarked by August 10, 2005!

There are multiple sessions scheduled into Day 1 for conference participants to explore the Display Pen Area and to talk with breeders and learn about their cattle. The Exhibitor's booths will adjoin the Display Pen Area, making it easy to take everything in. The gathering continues informally into the evening of Day 1 with a 'cash BBQ' on site to permit everyone additional time to study the cattle and stroll through the Exhibitor's booths, as well as to network with one another.

Take a look at our distinguished speaker lineup:

Dr. Allen R Williams, PhD Animal Breeding and Genetics/Reproduction, has brought the use of ultrasound technology to the forefront of live cattle carcass evaluation. Allen consults with ten different branded beef programs and over 400 individual beef producers nationwide through The Jacob Alliance, of which he is a founding partner and Vice President. He is a prominent figure in the rapidly expanding grassfed beef industry, devoting his considerable expertise and education to the exposition of the proper animal type for grassfed beef production. Allen will offer guidelines in selecting breeding stock for the grassfed beef operation, and will spend the balance of the day ultrasounding the pens of display cattle, offering results and feedback to breeders.

Terry Gompert is a veteran Extension Educator with emphasis on grazing education and is working toward holistically managing his cow herd and land base near Center, Nebraska. Terry is a long-time advocate of the grassfed model and produces his own grassfed beef. Presently he is participating in the Holistic Management Certified Educator Training Program. Terry thinks that grass based agriculture is one of the most exciting aspects today's agriculture: It meets society's social, economical and environmental needs. Terry will discuss the basics of pasture quality, grazing methods and forage options for grassfed beef production, as well as address grassfed beef demand and marketing issues.

Dr. Bernard Rollin, PhD is a is University Distinguished Professor, Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Professor of Animal Sciences, and University Bioethicist at Colorado State University. Bernard will discuss the need for society, and agribusiness, to raise its awareness of the ethical developments in society as they relate to animal welfare, and what implications those developments hold for the beef industry in general and the grassfed beef segment in particular. Hint: Its good news!

On Day 2, plan on rising early Saturday morning and heading north from Kearney to Fulton Farms near Litchfield, NE. Kevin Fulton has graciously offered us a tour of his 2800-acre grass farm. There you will see nearly 800 head of cattle of many different breeds grazing their way into the grassfed beef marketplace.

During the tour, Terry Gompert will offer prudent advice on forage options and grazing methods. We'll wrap up the tour back at Kevin's barn for a good old fashioned BBQ featuring, what else—grassfed burgers!

If you are in the grassfed beef production business, or if you are presently evaluating the viability of grassfed beef production for your operation, you simply do not want to miss this opportunity to learn about key aspects of growing and marketing grassfed beef. And equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to properly select the cattle genetics for your program is paramount to your success.

Oh, and you might want to bring along that stock trailer—just in case you come across the perfect bull or females for your operation!

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