2006 Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference Information
September 29th and 30th

Kearney, NE
Buffalo County Fairgrounds

Early Bird Registration Deadline 9/15/06. Cost $100

Late and Walk-in Registrations Welcome! Cost $125

Display Pens are filling fast. Don't wait to reserve yours!

Tentative Conference Schedule (click link)

Lodging Information (click link) Rooms blocked until 9/21/06

Attention: If you are in the grassfed beef production business or if you are considering adding grassfed beef production to your farm or ranch enterprise, this is a 'can't miss' opportunity to set your farm business on the path to success.

This unique grassfed beef conference will feature live cattle displays of grass-friendly breeds and crosses coupled with a distinguished speaker lineup anxious to share highly valuable information with you - the current or future grassfed beef producer.

As an added bonus, Dr. Allen Williams of The Jacob Alliance will be on hand as a speaker and also to evaluate display cattle for marbling and tenderness using his state of the art ultrasound technology.

If you are interested in learning more about the essentials of grassfed beef production, you will profit greatly from our speakers' insight and expertise, as well as the 'hands on' learning opportunity provided by our unique Display Pen Area. If you are already producing grassfed beef from your own cowherd, this is a great opportunity to display those genetics. If you have quality animals for sale, feel free to bring those for your display pen, because getting quality grass-friendly genetics into the hands of those producing grassfed beef is a crucial objective of this event.

Display pen space is limited. If you want your cattle Showcased in September with those of other breeders of grassfed beef genetics, review the registration forms (available on this site.) Remember, your Display Pen registration includes one full Conference registration! Display Pen reservations must be postmarked by September 15th, 2006! But don't wait until the last moment. If you submit a request for Display Pen Space after August 1, please email or call to verify pen space availability.

There are multiple sessions scheduled into both days of the Showcase for conference participants to explore the Display Pen Area and to talk with breeders and learn about their cattle. The Exhibitor's booths will adjoin the Display Pen Area, making it easy to take everything in.

Day 1 events continue into the evening with an optional Cash BBQ followed by the American Devon Cattle Association's Pen Show and Ultrasound Evaluation. Dr. Allen Williams and Rob Ladner will visually appraise these classes of Red Devons and then compare the visual appraisal with ultrasound results. Learning doesn't get any more dynamic than this!

2006 Conference Speakers: This year features a powerful line up of exceptional speakers.

Keynote Address: Bill Kurtis- television journalist and program host, Bill will illuminate the grassfed beef landscape from the perspective of a believer turned investor. Come prepared to be inspired!

Dr. Dick Diven, who pioneered the renowned Low Cost Cow/Calf Production School, will address the fundamentals of the low input production model, and the type of cow that can actually excel in this type of system. (Hint: She is also the cow whose offspring can and will finish on grass)

Dr. Tilak Dhiman, Utah State University, one of the nation's leading researchers investigating the nutritional differences in meat and milk from grassfed animals. Dr. Dhiman will, among other topics, help producers identify acceptable supplements for their cattle that will not harm fatty acid profiles in the finished product.

Dr. Allen Williams, formerly of Mississippi State University, Dr. Williams has taken his training as an animal scientist and geneticist direct to the producer side of beef production, particularly grassfed beef. Dr. Williams will again demonstrate the Beef Imaging Analysis ultrasounding software technology on volunteer cattle at the Display Pens, as well as present information vital to understanding why genetics really do make all the difference.

Terry Gompert, University of Nebraska Extension Educator, and Pasture Specialist. Terry will give real life, practical ways to utilize existing forage supplies more efficiently, and give specific information on growing/managing pastures that can finish beeves (the right kind of beeves!) on forage alone.

We have also extended invitations to 6 of the nation's top buyers of grassfed beef to participate in a Round Table format discussion of their buying needs, protocols, and future needs. This represents an opportunity for conference participants to hear first hand from the very companies seeking to increase their market share of grassfed beef, and also affords producers the opportunity to meet and dialogue with buyers of grassfed beeves about the realities of production and marketing as seen from both sides of the fence: Producer and Buyer.

An invitation from the American Galloway Breeders' Association has been extended to participants of the Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference to attend their annual Field Days, held this year at Fulton Farms, Litchfield, NE, on October 1st. Please contact Kevin Fulton : kevinnamy@nctc.net or Sarah Bowman hang5ranch@msn.com for further details or questions.

Tentative Conference Schedule (click link)

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